Are chelsea handler and chubby dating

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We all have that “that’s so me” moment when all we want to do is try to video chat with her dog and technology fails her.

Or rather, when one witnesses two individuals having a conversation pertaining to another’s drinking habits.

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American comedian, actress, author, and former television host, Chelsea Handler, has entered the world of Netflix—even though she admits she’s not entirely sure what Netflix is.

One of the considered weaker episodes, “Racism,” Chelsea argues that she is not racist for she has stereotypes pertaining to every group of people.

She even points out certain jokes to say that she only highlights strengths—one can interpret that either way.

She seems to show us as an audience that in some cases, we shouldn’t take life as seriously as we do because we face much larger problems in this world such as individuals subjected to racial violence or those fighting for their lives in the midst of drug addiction.

In one scene, Chelsea speaks with founder and CEO of Ashley Madison (hookup app for those looking to cheat on their spouses), Noel Biderman and his wife.

She says to him, “If you were to cheat on her—hope that doesn’t happen,” Biderman interjects with, “I hope so too.” Immediately, Handler says, “Just say it won’t fucking happen and don’t do it.” Most of us had the same reaction.

In episode two, Handler says, “I just want to live in a place where a person of every color is able to hit on me.” Moments later, the director incorporates videos of shootings and images of victim’s families.

Quickly, her expected comedy becomes uncomfortable and awkward at times.

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The first episode, “Marriage,” seems to mock unions between two people because Chelsea herself doesn’t want to marry anyone in her life.

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