Dating older women in lagos

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Dating older women in lagos

It is the general belief that men should be older than their wives or in some cases of the same age with them.African culture frowns at older women dating younger men. Some blessed with details said he married his late first wife who was obviously older than him because of her she also deprived from dating men, because at that age 99% of Nigerian men of that same age group are married, and if they are playing extra-martal affair they will prefer to b Aristors ( i.e carry younger ladies & girls), so how do u expect her to feel and cope?lets assume she is virgin during youth; at 45-55yrs she shouldnt feel any man, she should die like dat abi;;; i think the society is not fare to them at all, if i am one of them; i will disguise myself and go and flex myself; even if it means relocating to another state or another area oflagos, after the flexing i will come back and still b like St.Mary in the eyes of my people,i knw; when i was in d states dem nor dey allow me rest at all, one of my guys thats still there;; he said that they are chasing him, infact i don find i don tire;;;; if u go club; u nor go see any;;; na these small children full there; their wahala too much, i remember driving to Shoprite and i came across one ( abt 43yrs);; after chatting , i knew she is very lonelyfrom our discussion, the next she said was that i should leave her allow that thats her destiny, destiny 4 what, to die in lonelinesss, o boy i fear this naija babes, if not that i am very busy here;;; i would have gotten back 4 this xmas holiday, and most of these US matured woman; dey fear to come naija;;; dem dey fear our land, Sincerely, don't just try wasting ur damn time searching for older ladies in Nigeria to date cos you can't get only if u wanna be a secret gigolo for a sugar mummy who only need u for sexual pleasure whilst she can't go out with you since our society even culture don't support the idea of a younger guy going out with an older lady cos d way ppl will eyely mock u guys or hiss in the streets will look as if you're under a sugar mummy spell & u know Nigerians are very insultive with bad looks.I also want to try something new with my relationship by going for older ladies but am like, pouring water in a basket & when will it ful?The Single matured ladies u can find re celebrities and those spoilt rich men daughters that don't have steady relationship Where else do you expect to find an unattached 40 year old woman?

You better find ladies in their late 20s or early 30s, or at most those who are in their mid to late 30s.

Tough i don't believe in descriptions as i'm intrested in reality only yet i'd like to say that...........

I'm a well educated person with good sense of humour who loves & respect l... Some of the women profiles you see here might be scams to collect money.

and also wouldnt the younger church ladies say that one is digging one`s grave, "IT WAS WHEN I CAME BACK TO NIGERIA; THAT I HEARD THAT DATING AN OLDER WOMAN; THE MAN IS DIGGING HIS GRAVE"Superstition abi But Oga, seems like you've been in naija for the past few years so how come you still haven't been able to master the act of wooing? topic=557590.msg7221187#msg7221187Have you buried your head too deep in patronising s3x workers that you now don't know where or how to get a real girl on the street et al? topic=823363.msg9748879#msg9748879matured single ladies in this country within the age bracket u mentioned, i swear u no fit see.

Her family will not let her rest, the only song they will be singing for her is marriage.

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