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David De Angelo is dark-skinned with a Mediterranean look. Perhaps he knew people wouldn’t be fooled by a more Anglo-sounding name.Here, David De Angelo makes an argument in favor of stepping up your game, so to speak.This echo of the masculinists of the 1970s is something not many people can argue with.It’s a suggestion to help men avoid the dating pitfalls of trying to get that first kiss, especially that awkward moment when a woman rejects your attempts to kiss her.You don’t have to worry for hours about when you should start kissing, or have those awkward pauses or drifting thoughts at the end of the night when you’re trying to decide whether to make your move.And therefore she cannot be convinced, through word or action, but must only reflect your own intentions.The David De Angelo kiss test is a famous dating tip given on the David De Angelo website.

Eventually, this leads to a man either lunging forward for a kiss, perhaps killing the mood of an otherwise successful date or creating a really uncomfortable scene when he finds out the woman isn’t into him, or it creates a series of hesitations and uncomfortable silences which can’t impress a woman, and might turn her off.

David De Angelo is an attractive man, especially compared to some of the famously unattractive stars of the seduction community (Ross Jeffries, Neil Strauss, etc.).

Being unattractive in the world of seduction advice is a boon.

But if part of your “desires as a man” is to control, manipulate, lie to, or berate a woman, then your definition of “man” could use a review.

This is my girlfriend’s favorite David De Angelo quote.

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