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Adrian Thomas, 20, said the girls had "set him up" and recruited five friends in south London to exact a dreadful revenge, it was alleged.

They found the two girls sitting in a car chatting to a friend outside a disused pub in Reading.

" She was shot in the forehead before her attackers fled, believing both to be dead."Miraculously", the second girl survived.

She regained consciousness and saw Mary Ann on the grass, making gasping noises.

Both were forced to perform oral sex and to smoke drugs.

Mr Latham said that when the gang found the girls in the car, one remarked: "Both of them at the same time.

Her family held their heads in their hands and wept as the gruesome events of the night of May 7 last year were recounted by Richard Latham, QC, prosecuting, to a distressed jury.

He said that a gang of six men held the two girls responsible for one of their number being attacked by another group of men who robbed him of his drugs.

No one person is perfect, and so moving forward with a romance is largely a decision born of the positives outweighing the negatives, as opposed to finding a flawless ideal.

That said, there’s a limit to how much human beings can compromise and still be happy.

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Japanese survey site Minna no Koe recently posed the question “What characteristics in a woman would make you think it’d be impossible to have a romance with her?