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We hope you will prove kind, With your apples and strong beer, And we'll come no more a-souling Till this time next year.[Verse 3] The lanes are very dirty, My shoes are very thin, I've got a little pocket To put a penny in.

Jag kan skapa skräddarsydda föreläsningar utifrån ert önskemål. handla om Att minnas – inlärning och hjärna (från kognitiva neurovetenskapens och från inlärningspsykologiskt perspektiv); kognitiva processer och kommunikation (hur vi uppfattar, bearbetar och förmedlar information), om mindfulness och acceptans, om konflikthantering, om kommunikationsfärdigheter m.m.

Souling was a Christian practice carried out in many English towns on Halloween and Christmas.

It still takes place in nations or regions where Catholicism is the culturally predominant religion, like Portugal and rural France.

American Hallowe'en composer Kristen Lawrence found two historical tunes associated with soul cakes as she was researching souling songs for her 2009 A Broom With A View album.

As Lawrence heard the traditional Cheshire tune, she was struck that the beginning notes were the same as the mediaeval plainchant Dies Irae, "Day of Judgment", calling the people to repent and pray for the dead.

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Likewise young men and maidens, Your cattle and your store ; And all that dwells within your gates, We wish you ten times more.

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