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Tv show about a dating service

Forget hearts and flowers, this is a shocker: “Love is blind, disfigured, autistic…” Actually, the slogan does not apply to this long-haired, music-loving Gillingham supporter who lives in a village in Kent and has a flair for making people laugh. The girl in a wheelchair sees her hopes of dating a tall man in uniform crushed, cruelly.

Channel 4 have sent a framed copy of the portrait on the poster.His father watches from across the room, a lean and gentle man, careful not to jump in even when his son answers – as he does often – with an abrupt yes or no. She asked me to dance with her, but I backed away in a corner behind the cameraman’s back.” Stars in the Sky, an agency specialising in people with learning difficulties, set up a chaperoned blind date. Malcolm said he would leave them alone, but admits he couldn’t help hiding behind a fence to watch at first. Liked the same things I like: East Enders and JLS.” Did he fancy her? It will be about you guys.’ That was a very nice thing to say. “Parents and carers of people with learning difficulties are sometimes a bit over-protective.“Since my past relationships didn’t work out, I decided to do a documentary,” says Sam. “I was curious to see how he got on and what she was like.” What, then, did Sam make of his date? It’s just what it is.” Sam’s mother, Kay, died three years ago. But it’s for the people themselves to decide whether to take that risk.The 10-episode series follows the story of siblings Alex (played by Tommy Dewey) and Valerie (Michaela Watkins), as Valerie and her daughter move back in with her brother following a breakup.On the surface, characters Alex and Valerie have completely opposite objectives when it comes to dating.

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Speaking about the reason for choosing to air the show on Hulu, Lehmann told TV Guide: “It was pitched to one or two cable companies.

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