Tv shows dating violence

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Tv shows dating violence

He used to come outside my window and he’d draw a heart, and he’d play my favorite song, and he’d lay flowers out there for me. He threw me up against the wall, told me that nobody would ever love me, and that I didn’t deserve him. …As soon as I took the pills I realized that I wanted to live and that it wasn’t worth it.Tracy Smith | CBS News correspondent: On the surface, Sophia and Adam appeared to be just two teenagers caught up in the excitement of first love. Sophia Putney-Wilcox: I first broke up with him right before my birthday. It got to the point where I finally told my mom about it, and I said, “Mom, you know, he’s been following me.that somehow I didn’t get what was really going on. I would do anything to have protected her and I [pause] I wasn’t able to.”Sophia Putney-Wilcox: I remember the first time that I saw him … And I remember bragging about it to my friends like, “Oh look! …He was quiet, and I couldn’t get that much out of him. I put a lot of my focus into just trying to figure him out.Kristin Putney: He seemed to have an underlying sadness.And so he pulled out a knife and he held it to himself and he said, “You want to hurt me, then do it.” And then I just broke down and I told him, I was like, “I could never hurt you. ” He held a knife to my throat and just kept saying, “You don’t have control anymore.You don’t have control anymore.” And eventually I talked him down.

Sophia Putney-Wilcox: Adam was the typical skater boy that every 13-year-old girl dreams of.…He just had this crazy look in his eyes, like something had snapped.…And asked him, I said, “Adam, are you going to kill me?…She was aware of him having a lot of pain from his childhood.Susan Thomas | Adam’s mother: After my divorce, and we moved to Kalamazoo, it was just a tough time, it’s a tough time for any teenager.

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” And he said, “yes.”Kristin Putney: She and I have been so close our whole lives. she told me when she was hurting, I knew we had that kind of a connection ...